Hummus and pickles?

Another Wednesday, another track meet. Thursday morning, you’ve never looked so good. Just one more meet on Saturday until we’re all set for the season. After six long months of coaching, I’m pretty pumped to have my afternoons free again. Come February 20th– our last day of practice for winter sports– I’ll be that much closer to my absolutely EPIC spring break…but more on that some other time. 😉

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve definitely enjoyed coaching track, because it gives me 4 coaches and thirty students with whom to talk running every day. However, one aspect of coaching which kills me is away games/meets. I’m ALWAYS hungry, and now, at the end of this season, I’m truly tired of having to think about what to pack so that I don’t get stuck eating PB&J on white bread and a packet of cookies.

In the grand scheme of my health and my food choices on a daily basis, I know that one sort of crappy meal isn’t going to make or break me. It’s more that I enjoy food so much, and don’t feel at all satisfied after a meal like that. It’s also tough thinking about multiple meals at once. When we leave for our meet on Saturday morning at 10 am, for example, I have to think about what I need for a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner. Ugh. For some (like Rich right now, who is a CPA and is busy doing everyone’s taxes until April 15th), I realize that packing a full day’s meal is a reality, and I really just have two rather obvious pieces of advice for those of you who do need to pack even just a lunch for the next day: plan ahead, and pack ahead. You’ll be WAY more likely to eat more balanced meals and snacks that way– and will (hopefully) evade the skittles in the vending machine at 3 p.m.

When I’m packing my lunch, snacks, or dinner, I find that it’s much easier to do when I’m excited about what I’m prepping and eating. So today, instead of the usual pb sandwich on Ezekiel bread, I decided to be a little wacky:


Yup. That’s hummus, green onions, and pickles. And you know what? It was delicious. I also packed 2 clementines, an apple pie Larabar (obsessed), a homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (I make these weekly to satisfy my sweet tooth), and a baggie full of cucumber slices and celery sticks. Still not a warm meal (which I much prefer for dinner), but it did the trick. We also prepped veggie chili this past Sunday, so I haven’t actually had to cook all week. It’s definitely worth the little extra effort on Sunday to ensure quick and healthy snacks and meals.

I’ve had a really busy week overall, but I have managed to keep training for Broad Street. On Tuesday, I went for a frigid 3-mile run, and this morning, I did something I said I would NEVER do: I went to the 5:30 am yoga session. I’ve decided that while I hate actually doing yoga, I definitely feel more relaxed, stretched, and balanced afterward. After this winter term ends (March 5th) and I’m not on Monday night dorm duty anymore, I can attend the normal human hour yoga class at 7:30 pm. Here’s to making it there!!

Do you have any go-tos you pack for lunch/snack at work or school? How’s your weekend shaping up? I’m looking at a track meet and weekend duty– I’m driving a van of kids to Trader Joe’s on Sunday. Happy Valentine’s Day to me?


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