Weekend warrior

7 miles in one weekend? That sounds like my February 2014 days.

Despite tutoring on Friday night and teaching almost all of my classes right in a row from 8 am-noon on Saturday, I still enjoyed myself this weekend.

After classes on Saturday, Rich and I went on a cold, sunny 3 mile run. I was exhausted and my body protested pretty hard, but I definitely felt a thousand times better for having pounded the pavement for a while. There’s nothing like a workout– and for me, a run in particular– to melt off remnants of work stress.


This is becoming a favorite snack: lots of blueberries and a tablespoon of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Exactly what I wanted after three miles.

I eventually peeled myself off the couch post-run on Saturday afternoon and got all dolled up. After stopping to visit my parents right outside of Philly (plus acquiring a Dunkin Donuts coffee), Rich and I headed into Philly intending to grab dinner at an upscale Mexican restaurant with drool-worthy guac. They were booked when we called earlier in the day on Saturday, so we decided to take a chance on showing up and putting our name in, grabbing a drink at the bar, and snacking on delicious chips and guac until a table opened up. When we arrived, we were greeted with a packed bar and a two-hour wait. We were out the door more quickly than you could say ‘hasta la vista.’

Luckily, back in December on our way to see the Nutcracker, we walked by an Italian pizza and wine bar that was literally across the street from the sardine-canned Mexican restaurant. We had seen people sitting outside with scrumptious-looking pizzas and made a mental note to return there at some point. Talk about a delicious turn of events:


Tallegia wine cheese whipped with sautéed veggies. This didn’t make it 5 minutes in front of us.


This + marinated Greek olives (+ a fruity Napa Chardonnay…or three…) = the best appetizer I’ve had in a loooooong time, followed by…


Arugula-topped wheat crust, smothered in pesto. OHMAN.

At which point the crazy week behind and the crazy one ahead melted into food (and wine…)-induced bliss, a 10 a.m. wakeup (BLASPHEMY!), a delicious brunch, and a miraculous lack of hangover. (Hate to admit it, but the hangover definitely fell prey to the Cap’n…a.k.a. the gigantic bowl of PB Cap’n Crunch that I ate when we got home. With almond milk, ya know, because that makes the situation much healthier…)


I’ve finally branched out from cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread: sprouted grains this time.

And after feasting, snoozing, and brunching, Rich and I tackled 4 miles at Valley Forge. Sorry to my New England– and especially Bostonian– friends (Hi Mandy & Cat :)), it was 40+ degrees out and overcast. Hallelujah, y’all. Everyone (I should say every DOG) and their mother (owner.) was out to soak up some tolerable weather. I haven’t run 4 miles since November, and it felt damn good.

And speaking of damn good, we followed our run with the obligatory giant-diner-omelette. Look at all of those veggies! I split the plate in half, and boxed up the rest for today.


Name every veggie you can think of. Other than radishes…or beets…this omlette had it.

Goodbye to another fleeting weekend…and hello hellish push to spring break.

Think we prepped enough chili?

Think we prepped enough chili?

Armed with vegan chili, lots of chopped crunchies (extra organic carrots and celery), and a fresh jar of Trader Joe’s natural crunchy PB, we’re armed to take on the week.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Anyone training for a race and do their long run this weekend?


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