A Headmaster’s Holiday

What happens when you have grades AND forty 4-5 sentence academic comments due in the same week for 4 classes?

You eat, sleep, and breathe your gradebook.

Thankfully, we’ve got a nice long weekend off next week (Monday-Thursday), and after today’s track meet–where I’m writing this post :)– I’m one day, one practice, and one Saturday morning class away from Super Bowl parties and lazy mornings.

I thought that instead of recapping the whole week (which was a whirlwind anyway), I would just give you my week in pictures.


On Saturday, I went for a beautiful 30-minute run in the snow. (We actually had more snow on Saturday morning than we ended up receiving over the entirety of winter storm Juno…) After running, I decided a homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookie in yogurt was 100% necessary. I made another batch on Sunday evening after a bit of a raucous night celebrating our engagement with some former coworkers of mine.


Speaking of the wedding:



Its official! We’re booked at our alma mater. This was an awesome package to receive on Monday, especially since I hadn’t slept well and had dorm duty that night. Instant smiles.


On Monday night, I had some of last Tuesday’s veggie chili that I defrosted from the freezer. Genius move, since I only had about an hour free that day (oof). I did manage to work in 25 minutes on the elliptical, which was a nice mood-lifter.

And speaking of mood lifters…

I ended up having Tuesday off from school! We didn’t have an official “snow day” (those don’t exist at boarding school unless there is a legitimate state of emergency), but instead, earned a “Headmaster’s Holiday” for retweeting the headmaster’s tweet more than 1851 times. Social media for the win. He definitely read the mood of the school and realized that even though PA wasn’t really looking at a ton (if any) of snow from Juno, we all needed a break. I worked to write comments almost all day, but it was nice to do so from my apartment. It also meant that I could attend boot camp at 9 am, instead of 6. Major win.


Might have overdone it on the kale front…but with the addition of a tablespoon of PB to my normal green smoothie, this was a delicious recovery snack after boot camp.


Having Tuesday off also meant I could make a leisurely lunch of two scrambled eggs, lots of broccoli and celery, hummus, and a weird addition for the middle of winter:


Fresh grapefruit juice! I’m not a big fan of juice (in fact, I haven’t had it in years), but there’s such a difference between the store-bought stuff and freshly squeezed. These grapefruits came from a former faculty member’s property in Arizona, and I couldn’t resist snagging a few from the box he sent.


I’ve been on a documentary kick lately, so I took a break from comments to watch a bit of “Hungry for Change.” If you have Netflix, I would highly suggest you give it a whirl. This week, I also watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” which I DEFINITELY want to post about at some point. Basically: concentrating on eating good food makes you shine from the inside out, heals the damage of our processed-foods diet to our bodies, and can bring you from the brink of death to a “veggie glow.” Testimony from today: someone in our school’s dining hall asked me in what track event I was competing this afternoon. She was literally shocked when I informed her that I’m 25. Veggie power! When we are good to our bodies and eat a plant-based diet, our bodies are good to us. Real talk.


Since the sun was shining, I ran 2.5 miles before practice on Tuesday. I snapped this pic as a sick comparison to Massachusetts…dry roads v. 3 feet of snow. Ridiculous. My sister had off from college for two days.


Usual Greek salad for lunch on Wednesday with some seriously delicious homemade bread. It was multigrain and nutty and everything I wanted in a freshly baked bread. The cup of soup was a Caribbean-spice laden veggie soup with a little feta on top. Between this lunch and a 30-minute treadmill run, I was feeling pretty good yesterday despite the chaos.

Which brings me to today:


Think I packed enough…?

I general, I think my school does an absolutely fantastic job with food; they are versatile, mindful of alternative diets (as in HOW people eat, not fad diets), and are incredibly open to ideas and suggestions. My one complaint centers around the food they pack for traveling athletes: a sub roll with turkey and cheese or a PB&J on white bread; bags of pretzels and cookies; and Gatorade/water. They usually include oranges and granola bars, which I appreciate. However, I usually just pack my own digs (as many students do) from my own stores at home and from some of the awesome options available in the dining hall at lunch. Today, I packed up two slices of oat bread (also made in the dining hall’s bakery), along with a couple tablespoons of crunchy PB; a giant handful of celery; a sliced orange; an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie; an apple to snack on; and popcorn for the ride home. I also brought a PB chocolate chip Larabar just in case. I figured if I couldn’t eat at home, I might as well pack some fiber-rich foods and healthy proteins to power me through the meet today…

which just started!


This will be me tonight.

Tell me about your week! Any fun plans for the weekend? Pats are in the Super Bowl, so Rich is losing his mind.


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