Friday Roundup: back in action

Salvete, omnes… a.k.a. hello, all. Happy Friday!! I feel like I blinked, and it’s the end of the week (and month). Oof. #boardingschool.

Food this week was a little lackluster out of sheer exhaustion, but I did finally manage to pull together that veggie chili on Tuesday night.

Oh man. Oh man.

Oh man. Oh man.

Word to the wise: when you make this, plan on the smell of the chili powder and cumin becoming your perfume for the night. Of course, I was wearing my one longsleeve cold weather Under Armour shirt after my run…it now reeks of eau de chili.

I’ve also been engulfed by a superhuman hunger this past week, owing mostly to the fact that I’m back in action on the training front. Per exemplum…


Monday night…


…and lunch today. You had better believe I ate the whole thing. It was 90% spinach leaves on the bottom there, but still. Veggie minestrone (my FAVE) for the win.


“It’s Thursday night and I’m exhausted. Eggs.”

The “roundup” that’s far more important this week is that of my exercise routine. If you’ve been following the blog (yay 🙂 ), you know that I’m planning to enter the Broad Street Run lottery on February 1st. It’s a 10-mile race from North to South Philly (past the stadiums and into the Naval Yard on Broad Street), and I don’t need to tell you that training for a race that long is a huge commitment (time-wise and physically). I took this week to begin “revving up” for longer training runs in February, as well as to return to a strength routine. Here’s what I did:

Monday: 20 minute elliptical (I didn’t sleep enough on Sunday night, so I took it easy);

Tuesday: 30 minute outdoor run;

Wednesday: 20 minute outdoor run (in the snow);

Thursday: hour-long “boot camp” strength class;

and this afternoon, I plan on hopping on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

It’s supposed to snow in the Philly area on Saturday, so I’m hoping to work another 30-40 minute run in at some point this weekend. It’s not exactly crunch time for training, though, so I can definitely afford to miss that this week. I much, much prefer to run outside, as the treadmill just plain doesn’t work the same muscles as the great outdoors. I’ve been foam-rolling the you-know-what out of my lower calves as proof.

When I first started the blog, I had just come off of an absolutely terrible 8k which I shouldn’t even have run. I took a month and a half off from running and a full month off from working out altogether, and so as I move forward in this training season, I’m simultaneously taking precautions to make sure that I build distance slowly and safely. That means wrapping my patellar tendon with pre-wrap before each run; warming up with a walk and slow jog; dynamic stretching before I set out (such as “toy soldiers”); maintaining an even pace (no speedwork just yet); fully stretching after the run (especially my quads); and icing my tendon for 15-20 minutes post-stretch (while I snack, obviously).

Why the heck am I putting myself through all of that? Runners out there, I think you’d do all of this, too, if it meant you were out there with feet pounding the pavement, a gloriously empty mind (or maybe it’s your time to think), and lungs full of crisp winter air. My fellow winter track distance coach put it this way: sometimes, he goes out on a run intending to think a problem through; by the end of the run, his mind has dismissed the problem as even relevant, and he lets go of his worry and stress. Rain or shine, running is a solace and a joy (and a challenge, but like pain, it is easily forgotten after the fact).

As Broad Street employs a lottery system– meaning I won’t know if we’re actually “in” until mid-February– I won’t be posting any sort of official training plan until after my credit card has been charged. If you’re interested in the mileage required to run a 10-mile race, check out any standard 15k plan (they’re pretty much equivalent).

Any good plans this weekend? I teach 3 of my 4 classes tomorrow morning, so while I won’t do much more than order pizza with Rich and relax tonight, I do plan on meeting up with some former colleagues for drinks on Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Friday Roundup: back in action

  1. Waiting patiently for Broad St lottery entry. Need a “good” excuse to get down and visit… I mean get back to longer distances! Shoveling a 100 ft driveway and trudging a half mile in the snowy, icy sidewalk to the store each way is my workout for today. Back to the gym for a run tomorrow!


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