Back Pocket Recipes: Friday Roundup

First things first…

Happy 25th to my handsome fiancé! Love you!




I’ve hit a critical mass of recipes that I’ve bookmarked online or dog-eared in recipe books and magazines. Rather than allow them to fester, I thought that this Friday, I’d round some of them up for all of you veggie-lovers out there to try for me. I’ll get to them…eventually.

This weekend’s plan is to whip up another batch of this beautiful veggie chili (vegan, actually) from Oh She Glows:


Tastes 1000x better than its looks. So many veggies, and let’s add more!!

But I’m adding big slices of carrot to the mix, and taking the “heat” down a notch. I’ll probably leave out either the cayenne or the jalepeno peppers. The chili is A-MAZ-ING, but it was just a little too hot for my tastebuds to handle.

I’ve been salivating over…

The skinny California wrap, pizza wrap, and hummus sandwich would be too light for me for dinner, but for a summer lunch, let me at ’em.

Homemade sunflower seed butter and eggplant vegan balls from C It Nutritionally…

…these healthy cookie dough bites from I Heart Vegetables

…and pretty much every sandwich Martha Stewart concocted on this page.

I also have a weird new obsession with/craving for fresh-squeezed orange juice. A handheld juicer might be in my near purchasing future.

As for my week, it was another whirlwind, but I did snag some shots of some of the more delicious treats I inhaled consumed like a lady:

Lots of veggies and some scrambled eggs with chili powder for protein. An orange to round out the veg-fest.

Oh quiet Sunday morning, how I miss you.

A veggie-fest of leftover peas and broccoli (I couldn’t decide which I wanted…), two eggs scrambled with chili powder for protein, wheat toast (found in the back of the freezer…), and an orange for an immune-system-enhancing kick, thrown together for a quiet brunch on Sunday. Included here is my plain seltzer, AKA the reason I’ve managed to avoid soda for years.

Ugh YUM.

Ugh YUM.

One of my favorite post-workout snacks: Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup Udi’s vanilla granola, eaten after a 30-min run.

imageGiant bowl of pasta?? Come on, guys. You know me better by now. This was spaghetti squash heaven on Tuesday night. I also managed to bake some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies with the rest of my pb-semi-sweet chip mix before the squash went into the oven.

I. Was. So. Hungry.

I. Was. So. Hungry.

And the best lunch of the week (from Thursday): half of a veggie sandwich on a multigrain roll with a Greek salad, huge glob of hummus, terra chips, and sautéed  garden veggies on the side. Lemon water to cleanse my liver in preparation for Rich’s birthday celebrations tonight; we’re going out to a creole-cajun-comfort food establishment in Philly.

As for workouts this week, I managed to stay mildly active despite another week from Hades:

Monday: 15 minute elliptical (see this post…listen to your body when you’re hungry, people!)

Tuesday: 1.5 mi run (treadmill)

Weds.: 30 minute run (Outside…at 4 pm. Can you say “ice?”)

And this afternoon, since we’re not having practice, I’m planning on hitting the gym for 30 minutes on the elliptical or the bike. I find that the elliptical is a bit more challenging, and since I’m revving up for Broad Street (10 miles), I’m inclined to welcome the challenge. Tomorrow morning, I’ll bike, and I’ll snag a good 30 min. run on Sunday morning in my old neighborhood.

Quick story about that: I am the undefeated champion (according to Rich) of my neighborhood’s 5k…the one I made up, of course. I’ve won it probably 15 times, so no big deal. The medals are on their way.

Since I only teach one class tomorrow morning, I have a semblance of a weekend ahead. Oh baby.

Have any fun plans this weekend, or a recipe you’ve been dying to try?


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