PB-Banana-Berry Recovery Smoothie

Sweet Jesus, it was nice to have a day off yesterday.

Last week’s 55-hour+ work week really made me appreciate the fact that I can get by on only one job. Huge shout out to all of those who need to work two or even three jobs to stay afloat.

Despite two nights of dorm duty (Monday and Tuesday), two track meets (one on Wednesday night and one alllllll day on Saturday), and a really lovely 4-hour department dinner on Friday night, as dishes piled up in my sink, my living room sank to “F6 tornado watch” level, and my family started sending me “are you alive???” texts, I did manage to sneak in workouts every day except Wednesday and Saturday.

Since I took a solid 1.5 months off from working out (other than taking some nice, long walks over break), my goal in the next two weeks is to build back up my endurance. My goal is to work from two runs this week, to three in the coming week, and to be back up to four runs a week by the time I enter the lottery for the Broad Street Run. It’s still kind of iffy as to whether I’m going to be able to run, but I figure I can just defer my entry to next year if my patellar tendon is still being a whiny b-word.

Here’s what my “gear-up” week 1 looked like:

Monday: early morning 20 min. bike

Tuesday: 15 min. elliptical (intervals) plus quick strength workout before track practice (three sets each of push-ups, dumbbell rows, and planks)

Thursday: 1.5 mi run, plus 3 sets of 45-second planks

Friday: 30 minute elliptical (intervals)

Sunday: 1.5 mi run plus 4.5 mi bike (intervals)

I’m obviously a big fan of interval workouts. I find that they not only give me something to “do” or to “concentrate on” when I’m working out– since the levels & my energy output are constantly changing– but that intervals provide a nice way to build speed and endurance. This is true in running as well…a good interval run combines periods of speedwork and recovery in order to build endurance. It’s like getting the most “bang” for your workout buck, and since I’m usually pressed for time, that rocks. Better than plodding along at level 7 on the elliptical, at least…

When I got home from the gym yesterday (after a grueling two-minute walk…I know, I know), I set to work creating this masterpiece of a post-workout smoothie. I dreamed it up on the treadmill as I scratched my head to figure out just what the heck I actually had left in my fridge and cupboards.

You know when you’re completely out of clean clothing, but after rummaging around for something decent to wear to work, you actually come up with a pretty cute outfit you never would have concocted before? Necessity breeds innovation, my friends, and thus, a star smoothie was born. It is simple, intuitive, and oh-so-delicious.

When I moved to my apartment in August, my mom pawned off on me a bag of frozen berries she knew she wouldn’t use, but hoped I would. Cut to January, when I pulled them out of the freezer like Rafiki holding Simba to the sun.


Hello, beautiful.

I can just hear my middle sister screaming, "WION KING!!!!" c. 1995.

I can just hear my middle sister screaming, “WION KING!!!!” c. 1995.

(Sorry. Had to.) picture source

This smoothie was INSANELY good, and contained berries, banana and PB: perfect recovery foods for after a ‘hard’ workout. The amounts shown reflect what I had left of my fruit supply, but you could always up the amount of banana, berries, or even PB to suit your taste. To be honest, though, this was absolutely amazing in these amounts.


PB-Berry-Banana Recovery Smoothie:

1 cup unsweet vanilla almond milk (or sub milk of choice);

1.5 cups frozen berries;

1/2 banana (mine wasn’t frozen just because I didn’t have a frozen banana left, but you could certainly use a frozen one);

1 tablespoon PB;

1 teaspoon chia seeds.

Pulse until berries are chopped, then blend for 30-45 seconds on high until smooth.


The peanut butter made this less “hello, July.”

I had actually broken into the bag of berries on Saturday morning, as I was frantically prepping for our track meet. I added 1 cup of berries to 1/2 banana and 2 cups baby kale. You couldn’t even taste the greens, but if you’re wary of the taste of leafy greens in your smoothies, you could reduce to one cup for a similar effect. For added protein and a thicker texture, consider adding some plain Greek yogurt to the mix; I usually buy 2% for a little healthy fat.

Wedding update: we received an uber-detailed price list from a potential reception vendor SMACK in the middle of my crazy week. Obviously, I had a meltdown. The good news is, we’ve locked in a priest and our date. 🙂

The happiest of Mondays to ya. Look out for a post tomorrow on learning to run (week 2)!


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