Welcome, 2015

I’m back! Did ya miss me? Where to even begin…

Last Tuesday, Rich and I made the 5-hour trek to Massachusetts to hang with his family and celebrate the New Year with college friends on Cape Cod. (Funny story: I haven’t posted because my iPad keyboard died and I forgot my computer charger when I left my apartment for Christmas break. Blogger fail.)

We went from 60 degrees in Philly to 20 with windchill in the low teens in Worcester. This was my opinion of the ordeal.

We went from 60 degrees in Philly to 20 with windchill in the low teens in Worcester. This was my opinion of the ordeal.

We had a delicious dinner with Rich’s family at an upscale seafood restaurant on Tuesday night, and spent most of New Year’s Eve day lounging around (with one predictable endeavor to the liquor store…)…and by lounging around, I mean we watched no fewer than six episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. After watching Dennis marry Maureen Ponderosa (and promptly divorce her. “Sorry…you have a dead tooth…it’s there.”), we headed out for a super early dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and top pick for many a fancy dinner out in college. Y-u-m.



picture source

Our plan was to head to Cape Cod right after dinner, but when Rich pulled onto the highway, he took the west entrance ramp, instead of east. He proceeded to take the exit for Holy Cross, our alma mater, which is located in the same town in which Rich grew up. I love love LOVE that we’re able to visit campus a few times a year, and whenever we visit his family, we always stop by at least once and take a walk. With the intention of checking out campus to see if anyone was around on New Year’s Eve, Rich pulled into a parking spot and asked me if I wanted to stroll for a bit.

!!!!!-- my thoughts.

!!!!!– my thoughts.

And at the same place where we met and started dating almost five years ago, Rich proposed to me.

The rest of the night and week was and has been a blur of happiness and celebration. After we got over the shock of the moment (and I pulled myself together…sob fest 2014), Rich and I hopped in the car again and made the two-hour drive to Cape Cod, where we surprised all of our friends with the news– that’s where the “OMG” picture is from. We called our families on the way there, but mostly spent the two hours jabbering away about the wedding as I flicked the car light on and off to look at the ring. I couldn’t have asked for a better night. Holy Cross means the world to both of us, and the cold, clear, late December sky, bursting with stars met by the lights of the city of Worcester, brought back every good memory I have of that place, and of our early days as a couple. We have grown so much since then, and I am so overjoyed to marry Rich in December 2016.




My mom and I spent an hour in Barnes and Noble gushing over bridal mags and screaming about dresses and decor. Sorry, everyone.

Needless to say, there has been plenty of celebration all week long, and I definitely overdid it a bit on the booze and treats. Hey, the ceremony isn’t for 23 months…plenty of time to work on sculpting those arms, right? Right?? I’m planning on hitting the gym today for a sweaty 30-minute bike to start pre-training for Broad Street today and returning to Tuesday-Thursday boot camp this week. All of that, along with going back to my “business as usual” mode of eating (a.k.a. veggies on veggies on veggies), it’ll all even out. Happy sigh.


My body composition is probably about 20% water and 80% sweet potato.

Without further ado, on to my resolutions for 2015. Most of these are actually a repeat, with one obvious addition. 😉

1. Read a book a month, with five of those 12 from my “list.” I’m starting with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first major work, This Side of Paradise.

2. Run the Broad Street Run.

3. Run a half marathon.

4. Write for 200 hours.

and obviously…

5. Actively plan the wedding.

I’m so excited about the wedding, but I don’t really foresee the blog becoming “wedding central” by any means. I’ll drop little bits of info as plans fall into place. I can say that we have a date, and we’ll be saying “I do” in the same place where we met, fell in love, watched each other cross a huge stage for our B.A.s, and where I said the second “yes” of our time together. (Actually, I only managed to choke out an “of course!!”)

I have two concurrent series planned for the coming months, and I hope you find them useful! The first is aimed at you newbie runners out there. When I first started running, I literally only ran for 5 minutes a day. That was in June. By the following May, I crossed the finish line of a 10-mile race. I’m planning on showing you what those first few weeks and months of becoming a runner look like, starting tomorrow. I’ll post one plan for the week, and as Mondays are usually my rest days anyway, feel free to jump in on Tuesday. The plan I followed was written by a good friend of mine (and a VERY talented running coach…hi, Dave!) and took me from “10 minutes today?!? I’m going to die.” to 5 comfortable miles.

I’ll also be posting my Broad Street plans, as I’ll start training in earnest in early February, when the race lottery opens. Cross your fingers that Rich, his sister, my sister (the maid of honor 🙂 ), her boyfriend, and I snag a spot this year!

Tell me: did you make any resolutions? Training for any races? Know or work with a bridezilla?

Hope your Monday is less-than-painful. If it helps, today is my first day back after 2.5 weeks off, and trust me…it ain’t pretty.


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