Scenes from Christmas, Back to Business

Hi there! Did you have a nice Christmas?


Because Sex and the City just screams Christmas Eve.


My family roasted some Brussels sprouts and had delicious meatball sandwiches before heading into Philly for midnight mass at the cathedral…photobomb of the year below. Funny story: Rich and I were interviewed by the news outside of church before mass started. Best line: “We love the Jesuit pope!!”

Cheer up, sir. It's Christmas.

Cheer up, sir. It’s Christmas.

I SWEAR I'm just rubbing my eye (it was 12:30 am, after all)...

I SWEAR I’m just rubbing my eye (it was 12:30 am, after all)…

Rich spoiled us with homemade Swedish coffee bread and fudge 🙂



Board games ensued (tied for first, baby)…


And now, it’s back to business. I took a sunny 40-minute walk this morning, snacked, ate lunch, and now I’m on to organizing my life.



Sometimes, you just need a little food and family to recharge. I’m doubly glad that after the feasting, I can return to my normal eating routine– I was definitely feeling ill by last night from all the wine and sugar– but still hang with my family. 🙂

Hope you had a fantastic holiday!


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