Insomnia cookies

Now, if you live in the Philly area, you might be familiar with the actual Insomnia Cookies: a shop which hand-delivers giant cookies to (mostly drunk) hungry late-night customers. Pure genius.

I’m talking not about Insomnia Cookies, though; I’m talking about insomnia cookies. The difference is that it’s 4 am, I’m not drunk, and my oven is still cooling.

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I’ve been having a rough week in the sleep department. I fell asleep around 10:30 pm tonight, only to be awoken by this creature clawing at my door and meowing:



Minnie and I have been doing battle pretty much every night since August as to whose territory is the master bedroom. As of this week, I have waved the white flag of surrender. Minnie climbed into bed with me around midnight, and promptly passed out. I, on the other hand, tossed and turned for the next three hours. Blah.

Now you're just mocking me.

Now you’re just mocking me.

If you suffer from even intermittent insomnia– I have off and on my whole life– you’ll know there’s nothing worse than lying in bed knowing that the minutes and hours are ticking by, and then psyching yourself out of ever actually falling asleep. It’s seriously the worst. At this point, I know all my tricks and triggers…

Trick: Don’t look at the clock once you realize you’re having an episode. Ever. You’ll just fall into a stress-and-anxiety-induced loop of sleep-deprived misery, and will definitely not fall asleep.

Triggers: Alcohol (I had a couple beers at dinner), stress (I have work tomorrow!!), anticipation anxiety, too much noise and light. I tried to keep Minnie out of my bedroom at night because for light sleepers like me, one playful swipe of a kitten claw to the face, and I have a beast of a time falling back asleep. Ironically, Minnie sleeps like a rock. I’m jealous.

Insomnia just plain stinks. Hands up if you feel me (or if you saw the 4 o’clock hour as well today).

When I decided to give up on sleeping at around 3 am, I had one of those moments when I was totally and entirely my mother’s daughter: when life gives you insomnia, bake something freakin’ delicious.



I saw this recipe for oatmeal breakfast “cookies” on the Oh She Glows website, and have had it bookmarked (and even up as a tab) for a month now. Check it out if you love banana oats with cinnamon in the morning, or are sniffing around for an easy make-at-home Saturday morning treat. The original recipe includes flax, but I made mine without.

Par for the course...I had already snagged one by the time I took a pic.

Par for the course…I had already snagged one by the time I took a pic.

Cheers to the weekend, to my best friend from college visiting later today, and to a really, really good night of sleep tonight.


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