Morning eats

Good morning!

It’s exam week at the school where I teach, so while I still feel like I’ve been moving a mile a minute, at least it’s in my own apartment.

I was excited to have some time to make stovetop oatmeal…


A little dark, but the sun wasn’t quite up yet!

Notice the mug. I ask myself this every morning.


The star of the show was Trader Joe’s vanilla extract. Such a warm and cozy flavor.

The oats contained:

-1/3 cup raw oats;

-1/3 cup organic 2% milk;

-1/2 cup water (I don’t like runny oatmeal; you can up this amount to 2/3 cup if you do);

Combine in pot over medium heat; stir occasionally to make sure the oats don’t clump. If desired, add vanilla extract right at the end.

I topped with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, a dollop of Trader Joe’s organic crunchy pb (which I just finished 😦 ), as well as a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. Notice how the colors of the oatmeal essentially match my place settings…I think that’s mighty appropriate.

I tend to work in “power hours,” so I graded exams from 8-9 am, then baked a batch of granola bars to freeze for our travels next week. A snack and a blog post later, and it’s back to the grind.

Going to ‘boot camp’ at 11:30 am; I’ll post some of the awesome circuits we do next week. Also to come: I’m probably racing on Saturday 🙂 good stuff ahead.


The answer is yes: there could be more peanut butter on there.


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